Flooring Accessories

The accessories you choose to complement your floor can often be as important as choosing the flooring product itself. At Timba Floor we offer a core range of Underlays, Adhesives and Maintenance products to make installing and maintaining your floor easy and simple.

Our exclusive range of underlays are carefully sourced on your behalf to offer a wide choice of tailored solutions when installing real wood or laminate flooring. The range includes many specialist features to assist your installation, whether you need a product for under floor heating, levelling the substrate,
noise or thermal insulation we have the ideal product.

Timba Floor Layer

- PE Floor Underlay
- Recommended for all types of flooring installations
- Product Thickness: 3mm
- Sound Insulation: 16dB
- Pack Density: 22kg/m²
- Tog Rating: 0.6


Timba Floor Layer Plus Underlay 3mm PE LPDE Film

Timba Floor Layer Plus

- PE Floor Underlay with LPDE 40 film
- Ideal for areas where moisture barrier is required
- Product Thickness: 3mm
- Sound Insulation: 17dB
- Pack Density: 22kg/m²
- Tog Rating: 0.6 


Timba Floor Layer Pro

- Compressed Rubber Underlay - Great for Noise Reduction
- Suitable for laminate and wood flooring
- Excellent impact sound insulation properties
- Ideal for underfloor heating – low tog rating
- Integral moisture barrier


At Timba Floor we aim to offer a full flooring solution to our customers, with this said we have developed our own range of Adhesive products with direct feedback from industry professionals to ensure our products are of the highest quality. All of our Accessories products are available from our stockists across the UK. 

Timba Pro Bond Flooring Adhesive

Timba Pro Bond

- Environmentally friendly, free from solvents & moisture
- Flexible ‘Advanced Hybrid Technology’
- Single component, ready to use
- Compatible with Underfloor Heating
- 16kg Unit

Timba DPM Barrier Flooring Adhesive Surface Membrane

Timba DPM Barrier

Timba Floor DPM Barrier is a handy 5kg two component solvent free DPM barrier to be used as a surface membrane on cement based substrates in order to suppress inherent residual moisture.

We recommend that all concrete sub-floors should have some form of DPM, if you are fully bonding a real wood floor to the concrete then the Timba Floor DPM Barrier should be used first

Timba T&G Fix Flooring Adhesive

Timba T&G Fix

Timba Floor T&G Fix is a high strength resin based specialist adhesive for wood to wood floor bonding ( D3 rated). Simply cut the nozzle and apply within the boards groove, it couldn't be easier. T&G Fix is designed to have a quick grab and fast cure, however with 8-12 minutes work time you have plenty to ensure you have a well fitted joint. Full bond strength will be reached after just 3-4 hours. Each Bottle contains 500ml.

Timba Floor are proud to be working with leading floor maintenance company Arboritec Sweden to bring a series of flooring maintenance products to the Timba Floor Range. The products below provide the whole solution to cleaning, maintaining and restoring your floor. We have 2 specialist kits available; one for Lacquered floors and one for Oiled floors as well a specialist Spray Mop for everyday cleaning.

Timba Spray Mop Flooring Maintenance

Timba Spray Mop

All-in-one Spray Mop Kit to maintain your wood floor investment with absolute ease. Our kit contains everything you need to get started maintaining your Timba Floor. This kit also works well on parquet, bamboo, or cork floors.

Timba Lacquered Maintenance Kit

Timba Lacquered Maintenance Kit

The Lacquered Maintenance Kit from Timba Floor offers the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining Lacquered Hardwood Floors. This kit includes; 

- 1ltr bottle of Cleaner Concentrate
- 1ltr Bottle of Lacquer Refresher 

Timba Oiled Maintenance Kit

Timba Oiled Maintenance Kit

The Oiled Maintenance Kit from Timba Floor offers the perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining Oiled Hardwood Floors. This kit includes; 

- 1ltr bottle of Cleaner Concentrate
- 1ltr Bottle of Oiled Refresher