Step inside and experience our brand new Timba Floor collection where we have developed a product range of truly beautiful oak floors with you and your family in mind. Our floors are both traditional and innovative in design, with modern colour decors offering a wide choice of quality finishes to pick from, however one thing is guaranteed with Timba Floor and that is our build quality and strength, so please relax, study our products and enjoy styling your home. To help you here is a brief introduction to our floors; 

Timba Floor European solids will give you great strength from our 20mm extra thick boards in a wide variety of size options, with an impressive average board lengths of + 920mm each piece of flooring is bursting with true European character and as ever with Oak timeless in appearance. Be sure when viewing our product catalog to both check out the features and benefits and read the consumer feedback to be reassured about choosing this quality solid floor. 

If your need is for a structural floor, or you simply have a difficult installation take a look at our Timba Floor 18mm Engineered boards as they really are the floors for all locations. Our customers love the stability and strength of the hardwood multiply core base that we combine with a very durable 4mm oak wear layer to give a simple but very effective engineered floor board. 

For value, quality and ease of installation take a look at our 14mm Timba Floor with the new innovative 5G LOC for those everyday projects and busy family rooms. With great décor features and wide long boards that just drop into place using the market leading Välinge LOC system you really can create an exciting new ambience in a very short period of time. See for yourself how easy it is to install by clicking here.